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GameChallengeDescriptionEnds In
#Forzathon Classical Devotee
Complete a Race in a Cult Classic to receive 85,000 CR

20 drivers have unlocked this.
0d 2h 53m
#Forzathon Rekindled Youth
Finish 3 Playground Games to win 3 Wheelspins

16 drivers have unlocked this.
0d 2h 53m
#Forzathon Reach For The Stars
Get 3 Stars on the Mountain Top Danger Sign in a Nissan to win the Nissan Silvia K's

17 drivers have unlocked this.
0d 2h 53m
#Forzathon Being A Champion
Complete a Championship in Australia or Win a Race on Hot Wheels Island to earn 50,000 XP

18 drivers have unlocked this.
0d 2h 53m

Upcoming (31)

GameChallengeDescriptionStarts In
#Forzathon Ice Breaker
Earn 10 Wrecking Ball Skills to win 55,000 CR
0d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Chilling Racer
Win 3 Races in Australia or Complete 3 Races in Blizzard Mountain to earn 50,000 XP
0d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Slick Racer
Complete 5 Races in a Ford to receive the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Horizon Edition
0d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Frosty Relations
Complete a Co-Op Race to earn 3 Wheelspins
0d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Soaring By
Complete 15 Ebisu Style Skills or 15 Snowman Skills to receive 55,000 CR
7d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Accomplished Racer
Win a Race in a Porsche to receive 3 Wheelpsins
7d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Dashing Through The Pack
Achieve 10 Stuntman or Airborne Pass Skills to win the Porsche 914/6
7d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Get Out Of The House
Complete 5 Races to win the Ferrari 250LM
14d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Playing With Friends
Win a Playground Game in Australia or Beat a Rival in Blizzard Mountain to win 50,000 XP
14d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Spending Money
Complete any Event to receive 75,000 CR
14d 2h 54m
#Forzathon 10-49 In Progress
Perform 10 Hard Charger Skills to receive 3 Wheelspins
21d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Terror Of Australia
Perform 15 Sideswipe Skills in the Terradyne Gurkha LAPV to earn 55,000 CR
21d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Defensive Tactics
Win 5 Head-To-Head Races or Complete 5 Snowman Skills to receive 50,000 XP
21d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Breaking The Pack
Win a Race in an Offroad or Extreme Offroad vehicle to win the Terradyne Gurkha LAPV
21d 2h 54m
#Forzathon The Grand Conclusion
Complete an Online Adventure or Win a Championship in Blizzard Mountain to earn 50,000 XP
28d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Come Sale Away
Buy or Sell a vehicle on the Auction House to receive 200,000 CR
28d 2h 54m
#Forzathon All Spin To The Lord Of The Drift
Complete 3 Drift Zones to win 3 Wheelspins
28d 2h 54m
#Forzathon The Renegade Who Drifted Away
Achieve 10 Ultimate Drift Skills to earn the Nissan Silvia Spec-R Horizon Edition
28d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Maybe It's An Aussie Shepherd
Perform 15 Threading The Needle Skills in the W Motors Lykan Hypersport to receive 35,000 XP
35d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Lycanthropic Victor
Win a Race in the W Motors Lykan Hypersport to receive 55,000 CR
35d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Just Takes A Scratch
Perform 10 Trading Paint Skills to earn the W Motors Lykan Hypersport
35d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Accelerating Lunar Activities
Complete 3 Street Races to win 3 Wheelspins
35d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Totally Tubular
Complete an Online Race to win 3 Wheelspins
42d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Rapid Excellence
Perform 5 Hard Charger Skills to receive 55,000 CR
42d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Get Around Racer
Win a Championship to earn the Porsche Cayenne Turbo
42d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Bye-Bye
Earn 3 Stars on a Speed Trap to receive 35,000 XP
42d 2h 54m
#Forzathon Seasons Greetings
Complete all challenges to receive the Snowman Driver Gear
383d 1h 54m
#Forzathon Creative Corner
Complete all challenges to earn the Motion Capture Driver Gear
383d 6h 54m
#Forzathon Birth of a Legacy
Complete all challenges to win the 2014 Infiniti Q 50 Eau Rouge
383d 6h 54m
#Forzathon Competitive Edge
Complete all Challenges to win the 2015 Mercedes Benz-AMG GT S
383d 6h 54m
#Forzathon Forza World Tour 2
Complete all challenges to receive the 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe!
383d 15h 24m

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